What Can I Do to Minimize Chaos, Danger and Stress Once a Remodeling Project Has Begun?

Remodeling can bring great joy, relaxation and satisfaction to your home living once the project is over. However, it can also bring chaos, danger and stress during the remodeling project. So, in order to remain calm and happy, here are a few tips to minimize the frustration of remodeling. 

Plan ahead.  Since your home will become a worksite once the remodeling begins, inconveniences will arise that can be minimized with a little planning.  Begin by having a frank discussion with the contractor to set guidelines and develop a clear understanding upfront about the various project stages and the processes involved.

Talk, for example, about:

  • Where building materials will be stored
  • How to best protect your belongings from dust and debris
  • Areas of your home that will be off limits to workers
  • And whether you will need to vacate the home for any reason over the duration of the work

If a kitchen or bath will be out of commission, plan accordingly. It’s okay to move the refrigerator, microwave and toaster oven to the basement or another designated area where you can prepare meals to avoid eating out.

Equally important are the rules that dictate how workers can conduct themselves in your home. Will they be able to use your bathroom? If so, designate a bathroom location. Will they be prohibited from smoking, playing their radios, talking on their cell phones or using profanity?

Finally, remember to preserve a safe haven in your home where you can flee the chaos and dust. This will help to maintain your sanity and that of your family until the remodeling project is completed.

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