High-Tech Homes One of Most Requested Changes

Powered by convenience, houses are turning high-tech – wired with the latest options for contemporary living. And homeowners are requesting the ability to access their homes’ security and services from a tablet or smartphone, even when they are miles away.

Members of the Remodelers Council of the Greater Houston Builders Association recently recommended a number of ways to turn your home today into the house of the future. 

Connect everything. According to Matt Sneller, owner of Sneller Custom Homes and Remodeling, the first step to a high-tech home takes place behind the scenes by adding low-voltage wiring. Telephone, intercom, alarm systems, audio, video, data, HVAC and networking capabilities can all be connected through wiring and cabling infrastructure within the home.

Enhance security. Installing wiring for cameras is a common request from clients, according to Bill Riley, owner of Bicycle Bungalows.  Riley says homeowners are replacing costly security systems and monitoring services with security cameras and want the ability to control the cameras, as well as entry and garage doors, from their smartphones with a single system.

Lighten up. LED lights are often requested because they are extremely energy efficient and a great product for a great price, Sneller says. Many companies have created cool lighting systems that provide solutions, such as geofencing technology, to provide lighting control with just a tap on a smartphone screen.

Control the kitchen. A number of appliance manufacturers have joined the wireless trend by providing apps that allow for wireless control, Riley says, one of which a homeowner can use to start and pre-heat the oven. Another recently announced technology can even check the contents of the refrigerator while the homeowner is still at the grocery store.
Take it outside. Smartphone-operated flat-screen televisions and surround-sound systems continue to be popular outdoor living upgrades, according to Rob Douglass, owner of Texas Custom Patios. Embellish it all with a fire table or an outdoor fireplace.

For more information, visit ghba.org/consumer.

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